I was a single mom from  the time my boys were 10 months old until they were 17.  I was fortunate enough to learn about the importance of budgeting and money management from my parents and some of the college courses I took. I knew about the importance of starting early to save for retirement and my children’s college education.  It’s a thrill being able to write those tuition checks now and to help them further their education.

I am living proof that life-long learning and being open to new experiences matters today more than ever. Having a variety of responsibilities over the years from family budgeting, business and community planning, lending, insurance and investments enables me to provide a unique perspective to clients as they decide how to allocate their financial resources in order to protect their families and businesses, while at the same time growing wealth and limiting taxes. I am licensed to sell life insurance, annuities and investments  in PA, NJ and NC.

I am passionate about helping others and educating them about ways to save and invest for the future. People with written financial goals and a written plan to achieve those goals have a much better chance of living the life of their dreams than those that leave it to chance. My process allows clients the freedom to dream big without judgment. While the financial goals may not be doable within the current budget, the plan is flexible enough for clients to start those baby steps toward their financial dreams. It’s important for young clients to start early so that the power of compounding can work for them. It’s important for older clients to protect the wealth they have accumulated from market risk. And for those in between, it is never too late to get started!

I’m inspired by my family – a father who came to this country with nothing, a mother who worked full time and took care of our family. They lived the “American Dream” and taught us how to work hard and manage money. I am also inspired by my husband, always challenging himself to learn new things as well as my twin boys -the reason I believe strongly in saving and investing for the future.

When I’m not working, I’m happiest horseback riding, golfing, cooking and gardening. I am active at church, serving on the Stewardship Committee and singing with the Main Street Connection Band.