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Scott Frost

Scott Frost

Financial Advisor

Scott was born and raised in Selinsgrove, but moved to the Raleigh, NC area for a period of 10 years with his wife, Donna. In 2016, Donna and Scott decided to make the move back to Selinsgrove because they thought Scott's hometown would be the best place to start a family. Soon after the move, they were thrilled to welcome their son, Frederick, to the world.

Scott coaches Track and Field for the legendary Selinsgrove Seals program. He is also active at their church, Sharon Lutheran, where he serves on the church council. He also serves on the Upper Susquehanna Synod council. Scott is passionate about spending as much time as possible with Frederick. He also loves reading any type of genre and watching movies with a very extensive DVD/Blu-Ray collection. He enjoys spending his weekends outdoors as much as possible and can usually be found grilling or smoking some type of meat.

Scott has 6 years of experience in the financial services industry. His practice is focused on helping retirees and those soon to retire. His areas of expertise have been focused primarily on Estate Planning Strategies, Long Term Care Insurance and Medicare. He plans to expand his practice to include working with younger families and small business owners to help them with planning and wealth accumulation.

Scott recognizes that most people don’t think planning is important or wait to start until it is too late. His personal goal is to help people see the importance of planning ahead.